Service legal agreement

Agreement Terms:

RCI Communications, Inc. (“RCI”) is committed to providing a reliable, high-quality network to support EFM, DS1, DS3 & Fiber Services (individually the “Service” or collectively the “Services”).

If an Eligible Enterprise Customer (as defined below, also referred to as a “Customer”) experiences a failure of any of these guaranteed service parameters, RCI will provide Customer with a credit as described under Service Availability Credits.

Service Availability

“Service Availability” is defined as the ability of a Customer to exchange IP packets with the ACD Network via ACD. router port. Service Availability is measured by sending ICMP “ping” bursts to the Customer router at regular intervals. The response of the Customer router to the ping burst confirms that the connection is still in place and the service is still available.

Service Availability Guarantee: RCI guarantees 99.9% Service Availability to its Eligible Enterprise Customers.

A credit is available against this Service Level Agreement in the event that a customer site experiences unavailability of service as a result of failure of any component of the RCI Network. Service interruptions caused by RCI-planned network maintenance activities, maintenance at the Customer premises, failure of Customer premises hardware, and failures of Customer-managed local access circuits are ineligible for availability guarantee compensation.

Service Availability Credits: Service Availability credits for the affected customer site/Service are determined in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Any outage between 10 and 60 minutes = 1 day credit of monthly service charges, not including Telco Fees or Local Loop Charges.
  • Any outage continuing for greater than 60 minutes = 3 days credit of monthly service charges, not including Telco Fees or Local Loop Charges.
  • Customer must open a trouble ticket with RCI for the outage.
  • A maximum of 15 days of credit may be provided during any single month.

One day’s credit is based on 1/30th of the monthly service charge; not including RCI provided Telco Charges or Local Loop Charges.

Service Credit Process: Service Availability claims must be submitted to RCI within one month of event occurrence. Required information must include:

  • Organization name and RCI site name.
  • Administrative Contact’s name and contact information.
  • Date and beginning/end time of outage or failed metric.

Approved Service Level Agreement credits will be applied to the Customer’s billing during the billing cycle following the claim approval. Customer’s account must be in good standing or under 60 days past due in order to receive any credit.